My Book

My first book as an author is a work of fiction bringing together ideas and concepts that have forever interested me. It is a story exploring the stuff of mythology as seen through a lens of science.

A little about


I am a Master Mariner – Captain of Ships by profession. But I have always been a storyteller. And as a storyteller, I have always been in awe of the power of words. 

Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by the ability of writing to transport readers to different worlds, to provoke emotions, and to inspire change. I have pursued writing as both a passion and now a profession, constantly sharpening my skills and honing my craft. From writing short stories and poems to creating a full-length novels and presently writing screenplay, I love the challenge of weaving intricate plots and complex characters into compelling narratives. 

My writing is often grounded in the themes of self-discovery, human connection, and social justice. When I’m not writing, I enjoy exploring new cities, immersing myself in different cultures, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. I truly believe that writing is a powerful tool to make a difference in the world, and I am dedicated to using my skills to create stories that not only entertain but also inspire and educate readers.


The things that I do...

I emphasise always that I’m a storyteller; not bound by a medium. I will tell stories any way they may be told and hence dabble in a few trades of the craft.


Needless to say I write. I write books, articles, short stories, poems and the lot. Writing inspires me.

Voice Work

I sing, do voiceovers, podcasts, narration, reading, dubbing and interviews. Vocal art excites me.

Content Writing

I write content that AI wants to write for us everywhere now. Generating  ideas for content intrigues me.


I write screenplay/ scripts and dialogues to brings stories to life on a screen. Writing for production fascinates me.

An Amazing Story

since 1978

Forbidden Lore addresses a tale no one told us. A tale that Science and Mythology divided between themselves while each left out the other’s half. A tale that when told entirely, could have made us understand what both Science and Mythology failed by themselves to convey to us.

Revival is the journey of a young man by the name of Trishul Negi who learns a lot about what this Lore has to offer. A life changing encounter with people he never met before takes him on a journey of unlearning everything he has come to know and understanding the world around him for what it really is.

Find out through Trishul what has been kept from us forever as he strives to understand what life means while battling for survival from threats he had never perceived in his wildest dreams.


Pint of a Story

A podcast in which I narrated short stories that interested me. A platform for indie story writers to give their stories a larger audience. Some of the stories were mine and others that I found online.

Still available to listen. 

© Shobhit Dabral

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